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Excerpt from The Artist Speaks.


Painting, Sculpture and the Spiritual Dimension: The Kingston and Winchester Papers (2003)
Oneiros Books Ltd.

"For as long as I remember, I have been looking for a way to give shape and form to spirit, a way to touch the nature of the divine. As a child, I would spend many silent hours in my grandfather's garden lying on the earth and looking at the flowers and plants. I would watch the shadows of the trees move and change on the lawn, observe a baby bird learn to fly and sometimes I thought I could see a flower open. In those moments I began to confirm my suspicion that there was something beyond that which I could see, and although invisible and intangible, I could sense that unseen presence, know somehow that it was connected to the place of spirit and the divine in me.


I still think about those questions and still search for their elusive answers. In fact in all these years, the nature of the looking and the substance of the questions haven't changed much. Fortunately, in the making of sculpture I have discovered a broad, extensive forum in which to consider them. For me much insight comes within the art-making process itself where I can find the invisible and intangible in the form and presence of spirit."

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