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Artists Talk on Art, The #MeToo Movement in the ArtWorld

Moderated by Dr. Gail Levin with panelists Suzanne Anker, Nancy Azara and Kathy Goodell.
National Arts Club, New York, NY
October 2018

Foremothers of Women's Spirituality and their Living Wisdom for Today 
Curated and hosted by Vajra Ma.

Nancy Azara speaks on sexual misconduct in the art world in "It's hurting everyone: the truth about sexual misconduct in the art world", by Nadja Sayej, The Guardian, Oct. 31, 2017

"But beyond the hashtag flurry on social media, there are organizations working to help women in the art world, and always have. Nancy Azara, who is a board member at the New York Feminist Art Institute, says misogyny is everywhere. "In creative fields, it is all dressed up in glamour and fame, but it's the same 'big man' and 'little woman' theme,' said Azara. "The idea that a man can use a woman this way is prevalent in our culture. In fact, it translates as 'smart and shrewd'" She explains with an example: once upon a time, men held the keys to creative genius and women were considered their 'supporters'. "Vestiges of that belief abound, often having an affair with 'him' was presented as a transfer of genius and privilege," said Azara."

Nancy Azara, Artist Talk: The Women in the Arts Foundation
Ripley-Grier Studios, New York, NY
Sept 2017

Nancy Azara participated on "Panel 2: Who says a Commercial Gallery is the only place to show?"

Eighth International Encaustic Conference, The Provincetown Inn, 1 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA
July 2014 

Nancy Azara and Katie Cercone presented (RE)PRESENT: An Ongoing Intergenerational Collaboration for the panel Necessary Positions: Intergenerational Collaboration in Feminist Art and Activism

Moderated by Maria Elena Buszeck. Panel: Nancy Azara, Katie Cercone, Margaret Cuonzo, Liz Rudey, Joanne Heath, Xenobia Bailey, Suzanne Lacy, Andrea Bowers.

College Art Association (CAA)

February 22-25, 2012 


(RE)present dialogues

(RE)PRESENT grew out of an open call for artists and teachers who had participated in the New York Feminist Art Institute (1979-1990).  We wanted to reconvene around this school and resource for women in the arts, in order to discuss, evaluate and assert NYFAI’s historical place in the women’s art movement. Many of those who responded were young women curious about NYFAI and its history. 


(RE)PRESENT: Feminism + Art is a series of intergenerational dialogues designed to foster a broad dialogue across artists interested in contemporary feminist concerns. It is a non-hierarchical roundtable meeting based on the 70’s feminist consciousness raising circle. The topics originate from the participants. Meets every three months.

Our ongoing intergenerational dialogue was cultivated from this first discussion in 2007.  Topics range from: The Politics of Power, Spirituality, Creative Process, Personal as Political, Mentors and Collaboration.

Please visit for more information.

Selected (RE)PRESENT Topics:

REPRESENT: ‘Collaboration’ is a part of the history of women’s art (quilting etc.) as well as the women’s art movement from the 1970’s.  However many artists cherish the experience of isolation in their process. How relevant is collaboration/isolation to your artmaking process and how does this influence your work? 


REPRESENT: In ‘The Age of Plurality in Art’ what styles of work as well as what ways of approaching exhibition space and the role of the artmaker stand out as most meaningful?  How do these observations relate to or problematize your own work? 


REPRESENT: ‘Spiritual’ Artists such as Richard Tuttle, Ann Hamilton and others are speaking about the influence of the spiritual in their work (Columbia University, Reconfiguring the Spiritual, 2010, 2011). This subject has been both an ancient and contemporary one from such diverse artists as the Egyptians to the Renaissance to the Abstract Expressionists such as Adolph Gottlieb, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, Joseph Beuys, Agnes Martin, Lenore Tawney and many others. 


REPRESENT: ‘Slide Show’ Artists will present 2 images of their work. After, we will discuss reoccurring themes and interests that we see. 


REPRESENT: MENTOR /'men, tôr, -ter/ an experienced and trusted adviser. (OED) Who have the mentors been - past and present - in your life and how have they helped or advised you in your work? Please come with a story to share. How did you find this person(s) and how did your relationship develop? 

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