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"Azara’s sculptures are made of found wood and woody plant objects that were once living. Her sculptural method involves altering their original living identity to a state of being primarily images of what they had been. This image status, brought about by slight material alteration and painting, is like a vague resuscitation, a middle ground of being, a limbo."

-David Raymond, Art New England (more)

"Nancy Azara paints, carves, traces, cuts and moves around her materials in a way that negotiates raw instinct with thoughtful deliberation with a very specific and intricate thinking. The work embodies serious play. Surface is super rough yet delicate. There is a definite sense of knowing the materials yet the forms and imagery continue to unravel into the unknown." 

-Zahar Vaks, Curator, "On Knowing Unknowing: A Material Narrative," 2016 

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