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Rubbings and tracings are ancient forms of artmaking and capture the “essence” or “spirit” of an object in a way that nothing else can, recording an impression, a moment in time.   Rubbing, tracing and cutting-out a range of objects (from the shapes of grape, fig, hickory and fern leaves to the contours of hands, feet and the lines of the body), imprinting layers with oil pastel, paint, pencil and scraps of clear mylar, these works become metaphors for a part of  “self” in the context of the world, in relationship with living things. 

Greve_BW_Tuscan Red Leaf with Blue Panel
RainySky copy.jpg
Greve_Small Blue Stems with Two Panels.J

The banners are on transparent material – Kodak UV curable display film. The floral banners hung from a church choir to represent the stations of the cross. They were hung in a way that you could experience their transparency because the light came from behind as well as in the front.

The crow represents the black widow. In many Mediterranean cultures, women wear black clothes in mourning for a long period of time.   In mythology, crows bring messages. 

Azara_Crow Banner 3.JPG
Azara_Crow Banner 1.JPG
Azara_Crow Banner 2.JPG

Archived Works Coming Soon,  Fall 2020

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