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"Intensely spiritual in a transhistorical and transcultural way, this assemblage of vertical forms reads like a call to celebration. Composed of various shapes and sizes, its colors and images have long been associated with the artist. The reaching hands and the gold are hallmarks. There are also shades of red and purple and an occasional heart. These contemporary spirit poles evoke thoughts of tribal rites and universal prayer."   -Harriet Senie, Sculpture Magazine, 2009 (more)

"Nancy Azara, like Magdalena Abakanowicz and Louise Bourgeois, typically groups her forms together: while we read these works as unities, they are usually composed of 10 or 20 parts. Besides the theme of extension and growth, they also explored themes of protecting, sheltering, confronting, and mothering."  -Margaret Sheffield, excerpt from essay,  2007

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